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When decease has occurred at home please contact your doctor or the emergency doctor. After the examination of the deceased he will write out the death certificate.

To be able to act for you we need the following documents:

  • Personal identification card or passport of the deceased
  • Death certificate written out by the declaring doctor
  • The register, if this is not complete the following single certificates:
    Birth certificate, ID card (for minors or unmarried); Certificate of marriage, ID card (for married); Certificate of marriage, legal divorce judgment, ID card (for divorced); Heiratsurkunde, Sterbeurkunde des Ehepartners, Certificate of marriage, death certificate of the spouse, ID card (for widowed)
  • Health insurance card of the health insurance company
  • Funeral insurance contract (if already completed)
  • Insurance documents: accident insurance, life insurance or dying allowance insurance together with the last deposit slip
  • Pension number(s)
  • Grave documents, grave maintenance contracts (if a grave is already available or reserved)
  • estament or depositary receipt for the district court or notary

We will gladly take over the completion of all formalities which have to be done in case of decease. In detail, these are:

  • Application for the death certificate at the registry office in the place of death
  • Advice on acquiring a grave of linear cemetery or grave of choice
  • Appointment agreement for the mourning/funeral at the cemetery
  • Schedule coordination with the responsible priest or a speaker
  • Organization of musical accompaniment/background for the mourning
  • Counseling and mediation of floral decoration/candle- lighting for the mourning in the chapel
  • Counseling and mediation of mourning pressure, death notice in the newspaper and acknowledgements
  • Organization of the subsequent funeral service
  • Abmelden der gesetzlichen Krankenkasse
  • The statutory health insurance unsubscribe
  • Settlement with the life insurance companies respectively the dying funds
  • Application for interim allowance (three month continued pension payments) at the pension insurance company respectively application for a funeral cost subsidy
  • Deregistration of the pension at the relevant pension accounting office
  • Report of the bereavement to the employer, occupational union, the insurance companies
  • Cancellation of accommodation, telephone, newspaper subscription; change of post

The following important issues can be only handled by you personally:

  • Notification of family and friends
  • Compilation of the addresses for the mourning pressure
  • Application for inheritance, opening of the testament in district court, possibliy by a notary
  • Take care of mourning clothes
  • Account resolution after approximately 8 weeks

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