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Some day life comes to an end and there should be found a appropriate and dignified closure for every valuable life.

Therefore we assist you with caring and personal attention in case of your bereavement from the very first moment, we accompany you in all issues of funeral and we help you to find the appropriate form of farewell. It is important to us to help and to assist you during this difficult time by the use of our competence and experience gained within four generations.


If you need us we are there for you at any time and assist you trustfully on every question you may have.


Gabriele Krizancic-Jakovljevic; Stipo Jakovljevic; Ruth Krizancic; Stefan Krizancic; Hildegard Müller-Sitt; Franz Kosic; Edith Kramer; Kurt Lemke; Sonja Eck-Krizancic; Christian Eck


The Krizancic funeral company was founded in 1899 by Christian Lingenberg and has since been held in the fourth generation in family ownership.

  • Christian and Anna Lingenberg (1899 – 1932)
  • Walter and Emilie Wojatzky, born Lingenberg (1932 – 1968)
  • Stefan and Ruth Krizancic, born Wojatzky (since 1968)
  • together with Gabriele Krizancic und Stipo Jakovljevic (since 1990)

Edith-Stein-Str. 43
(formerly: Lettow-Vorbeck-Straße)
42329 Wuppertal

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